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Green Tea Benefits for Skin

8 Benefits of Green Tea for Skin Whitening and Brightening

Green tea is globally popular for its healthy components and benefits. Whether you want to lose weight or get rid of harmful toxins, green tea is the ultimate solution for all your worries. Popular for being rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals like polyphenols and caffeine, green tea is undoubtedly your go-to beverage for staying fit and healthy.

Apart from its health benefits, green tea is also beneficial when it comes to having great hair and skin. We all are inclined towards having healthy and beautiful skin. However, you may be reluctant to use cosmetics made from chemicals. From early skin ageing to skin rashes, facial cosmetics have a lot of downsides to them.

And to save yourself from all the chemicals, you can explore the benefits of green tea for having radiant skin. With all the antioxidants and vitamins, green tea will surely help you achieve your dream skin. Without any added chemicals, green tea’s herbal solution is completely safe to use.

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Combining safety and taste together is a to-do for all of us. Brew Café’s wide range of green tea can help you choose your preferred flavour. Blending taste and health together, our products can help you in achieving your skin goals.

Let us explore how green tea can help in developing healthy skin.

Improves Your Complexion

Your complexion is often affected by skin blemishes, caused by clogged pores. Green tea can help your skin get rid of dark spots and blemishes, causing your skin to get whiter. Its anti-inflammatory composition can also help in making your skin feel fresh.

Controls Your Skin’s Oils

Just like making your skin lighter, green tea can also help you in getting rid of excessive oil on your skin. Its ECGC is anti-adrenergic, which helps in the oil production of your skin. You will have oil-free fresh skin in no time.

Reduces the Risk of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is one of the leading health issues. Green tea protects your skin from harmful UV-Rays, reducing the risk of skin cancer. It also helps you in fighting DNA damage which is a leading contributor to deadly skin diseases. Green tea’s unique blend helps in treating nonmelanoma skin cancer and photoaging.

Reduces Acne                                          

As we have already discussed, green tea contains ECGC which works as an antioxidant and has inflammatory composition. Hence, green tea can help you in getting rid of your acne by unclogging your skin pores and healing the irritations. It can also help you fight skin diseases like warts, dermatitis, and candidiasis.

Slows Skin Ageing Process

It should be no surprise that green tea’s unique composition can help in slowing the process of skin aging. By tightening your skin, green tea helps your skin fight early wrinkles. By applying green tea mix to your skin, you can postpone your skin’s aging process.

Skin Irritability

Among the many skin benefits, green tea also helps with the inflammation of your skin. Its anti-inflammatory solution helps with reducing irritation of your skin. So, you can get rid of rashes and skin redness by the regular use of green tea.

Skin Health

By reducing inflammation, green tea also helps in the healthy growth of your skin. With Vitamin E and Vitamin B2, you will have healthier skin. Vitamin E helps in your cell growth and Vitamin B2 helps your skin stay youthful. We would definitely take the healthy benefits.

Reduces dark circles

Contrary to popular beliefs, applying green tea around your eyes can prove to be beneficial. Just like dark spots, you can say goodbye to dark circles with the help of green tea. Applying a paste of green day and keeping it overnight can visibly reduce your dark circles.

How to get whiter skin with green tea?

With the anti-oxidants present in the composition of green tea, you can have lighter skin in no time. Your complexion will highly benefit from the reduction of dullness. You can use green tea for skin whitening in two simple ways:

  • Blend green tea leaves with rose water and raw milk. Apply the mixture on your clean skin and keep the mixture for a few minutes. This will help your skin get rid of dark spots and blemishes while making your skin light.
  • You can also drink green tea on a regular basis if you desire whiter skin. It directly affects your body’s metabolism and immune system. Drinking green tea daily will release the toxins from your body and make your skin healthier.  

How to get softer skin with green tea?

Along with whitening your skin, green tea also helps your skin restore its moisture. The Vitamin E present in green tea helps your skin stay hydrated. These are some simple ways with which you can have softer skin:

  • Mix green tea leaves with honey and applies the same around your face. Keep the mask on your face for 10-20 minutes. Mixing honey and green tea together will restore the moisture in your skin.
  • Make a smooth mixture by combining avocado and green tea. Leave the mask on your face for 15-20 minutes. Avocado is a high source of Vitamin E and antioxidants. You will have fresh and hydrated skin by mixing them.


These are the skin benefits of green tea. Green tea helps with skin whitening and brightening, what are you waiting for? Replace your chemical facial routine with green tea and get the perfect skin you deserve.

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