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How Does Organic Green Tea Help In Weight loss

How Does Organic Green Tea Help In Weight loss?

Green tea has always been the King of teas when it comes to health. If you are a tea lover, you will be familiar with the nutritional value of green tea. With an authentic taste and over the top healthy property, green tea has always been the favorite drink of the health and fitness enthusiasts all over the world.

And with its world-wide popularity, green tea is one of the most sold beverages. The current market size of green tea is USD 12.80 billion and it is expected to increase rapidly in the coming years. If you are wondering what is so special about it, the answer is simple: nutritional value. Although not the tastiest drink, green tea’s nutritional value has made it the market’s favorite.

The nutritional value of green tea is undoubtedly higher than any other caffeine drink. Made from camellia sinensis, green tea has comparatively lower amount of caffeine, making it safer for you. Vitamins and minerals are also abundant in the composition of green tea. The antioxidants and amino acid also play a huge role in boosting your health.

By boosting your metabolism, green tea helps you in becoming a healthier and fit person. Since green tea can help improve your sleep and soothe your stress, you will also be refreshed and full of energy by regularly consuming it.

Since the consumption of green tea is so important, it is crucial to boost the benefits by leveling the product up. You can get better benefits by switching to organic green tea. If you are not familiar with what organic green tea exactly is, you are in the right place.

Organic Tea

Now, before we jump into learning about organic green tea, we must first understand what organic tea is. If you are familiar with the word organic, you have the understanding that anything that has the word ‘organic’ in it is chemical free. The same goes with organic tea as well.

Unlike organic tea, conventional tea harvesting includes a dose of chemicals like pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers and many more. You can understand that usage of chemical fertilizers is harmful for the both consumers and farmers.

And being harmful is not the only downside of conventional tea harvesting. Acres and acers of land are damaged for a life time because of the use of chemicals. Animals also suffer due to the vigorous spread of chemicals. In a nut shell you can fathom how conventional tea harvesting causes harm to the entire eco system.

To break the chain, it is wise to switch to organic tea for better. Let us explore the benefits of organic tea first.

Benefits of Organic Tea

Organic Tea

Organic tea plantation does not require any form chemical usage, making it safer. Below we have listed the best benefits of organic tea cultivation:

It Is Healthier

As we have discussed earlier, organic tea is without a doubt healthier than conventional tea. You can intake the natural vitamins and minerals produced by them without having to tolerate the chemicals. And when it comes to organic green tea, you can experience Brew Café’s tea-bag free tea and feel the difference. And there is no justifiable point of using unhealthy chemicals when you have an alternative.

It Is Environment Friendly

Since the cultivation of organic green tea does not require the use of any type of chemical, it is safer for the environment. Conventional cultivation requires exhaustion of the earth’s natural resources whereas organic cultivation can reuse the resources multiple times. You can easily understand how organic tea can maintain the balance of the eco-system.

It Won’t harm The Wild Animals

Chemical-free organic tea cultivation will no way spread the harmful substances to the land’s neighboring forests. Wild animals will be free from the risk of coming into contact with the chemicals. It’s not far-stretched, you can help in wildlife protection by switching to organic green tea.

It must be pretty clear to you now how can organic green tea be the ultimate alternative of conventional green tea.

Organic Green Tea for Losing Weight

You must have always observed how fitness and health influencers endorse green tea. The simple reason is because it helps you in losing weight. Green tea directly affects your body’s metabolism, making it become more efficient.

And with an efficient metabolism, you will definitely lose the extra weight in your body. Green tea comprises of caffeine and catechin, both known for boosting your metabolism. The bioactive substances present in it helps you burn more calories.

With burning calories, organic green tea also fills your appetite and you can safely stay away from binge-eating.

Brew Café’s wide range of organic green tea will help you choose your favorable one. We have listed our products for you:

Tulsi Green Tea

Our Tulsi Green Tea has anti-bacterial and ant-microbial properties that can help your body and brain function better. This perfect blend of tulsi leaves and our hand-picked green tea leaves will leave you with an aromatic experience and improve your body’s overall functioning.

Pure Green Tea

The primary purpose of our Pure Green Tea is to assist you in your journey of weight loss. Our organic and hand-picked green tea boosts your gut and metabolism. You’ll also have healthier skin with its regular use.

Lemon Green Tea

Lemon and green tea are the two most mentioned names when it comes to weight loss. Our blend of lemongrass with green tea leaves will take enhance your tea-drinking experience. With our Lemon Green Tea, you can welcome a healthy lifestyle with open arms.

Mint Green Tea

Mint is a kitchen herb that almost all of us have grown up with. Our Mint green Tea will help you with both weight loss and building a stronger immune system. With its regular consumption, you are most likely to grow a healthier gut.


Organic green tea has so many benefits that it will be foolish to not try its wonders. You can start your better health’s journey by visiting our website and placing an order now. What are you waiting for? Treat your health with the benefits of organic green tea now.

Frequently Asked questions

Q. Can green tea help in getting rid of belly fat?

Ans. Green tea helps your body’s metabolism and helps you in losing body faster.

Q. What is the difference between organic tea and conventional tea?

Ans. Unlike conventional tea, organic tea does not require the use of chemicals.

Q. Is it important to drink organic green tea?

Ans. Since organic green tea is safer in property, it is recommended for you.

Q. Does organic tea have pesticides?

Ans. No, organic tea does not use any form of synthetic pesticides.

Q. How many times can I reuse a tea bag?

Ans. Tea bags should not be reused more than twice.

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