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Green For Weight Loss How much calories Can I Burn

Green For Weight Loss: How much calories Can I Burn?

Tea has always been a crucial part of human civilization. Initially, tea was used as a herb for its medicinal quality. We don’t know how the exact consumption of tea began but modern tea came into the limelight after the Chinese started its consumption and exportation. And since then, it has become popular worldwide.

Over time, tea has become the 2nd most-consumed drink in the whole world. You will find barely any person who has never consumed a single cup of tea in their whole lives. Whether you love tea for its health benefits or its taste, tea never disappoints.

And if you are a regular consumer of tea for its health benefits, green tea is perfect for you. In fact, if you want to build a fit life, drinking one cup of green tea can help you burn 70-100 calories. The King of all healthy beverages, green is popular for its nutritional value and unique taste. Let us explore green tea as a whole.

Green Tea

You can always find physicians, fitness trainers and models who endorse green tea. The simple reason is its healthy properties. Made from Camellia Sinensis, green tea has the lowest amount of caffeine when compared to other caffeinated drinks. It is also rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, you can depend on green tea for meeting your daily requirements. Given all the benefits, we can understand why it is so popular around the world.

If we talk in numbers, we can easily determine its worldwide popularity. A report in 2019 states that the global value of the green tea market is USD 12.80 and it will grow up to USD 23.66 by 2027. The popularity of green tea indicates that it is well-loved all across the world. 

To understand its popularity better, let us take a look at its benefits.

Benefits of Green Tea

There is no doubt that there is numerous way you can benefit from drinking green tea. But of course, it is important to know which one will serve your purpose the most. Below we have listed the best benefits of green tea.

Improves Your Metabolism

It is no surprise that your metabolism plays a vital role in your body’s overall functioning. While its true that your metabolism is largely influenced by genetics, you can always work on making it better. This is where regular consumption of green tea helps you. With the antioxidants and vitamins present in green tea, you can boost your metabolism by a huge margin. The caffeine and catechins present in green tea can also help in your fat burning.

Helps In Weight loss

Like we have already mentioned, green tea can help you in burning your body’s extra fat. Since your metabolism plays an important role in burning calories, green tea’s boosting effects help you in weight loss. The caffeine and catechins present in green tea significantly regulate your body’s weight loss process. In fact, research has proven that people who drink green tea every day can lose 70-100 additional calories daily.

Helps Your Stress

Two of the leading problems of today’s adults, stress and anxiety can be very troublesome. Restless sleep and insomnia are two prominent problems caused by stress. We tend to go to caffeinated drinks to feel refreshed, however, excessive consumption of caffeine can have an adverse effect on your health. But you can tackle this problem with green tea. Since the overall percentage of caffeine is comparatively less in green tea, you can say goodbye to stress without hampering your health.

Improves Your Oral Hygiene

We are all tired of having to visit dentists often because of our oral health. Modern food can contain harmful bacteria that can cause dental cavity and gum problems. With antioxidants like L-theanine, green tea can fight tooth cavity and periodontal gum diseases. Also, you can be bad-breath free by drinking green tea and chewing its leaves.

Improves Your Immunity

Just like boosting your metabolism, you can have a stronger immune system with the nutritious benefits of green tea. Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, green tea can help you in boosting your immune system. You can prevent cold, heart diseases, diabetes and bone diseases with the regular consumption of green tea.

Improves Your Hair and Skin

Are you tired of skin problems? Green tea can help you there. The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of green tea unclogs your pores and reduces skin rashes. With these properties, you can obtain dark spot and acne free skin in only a few days. And since dark spots and dark circles are the major reasons for skin pigmentation, you can have lighter and brighter skin with the help of green tea. For best results, you can consume at least two cups of green tea every day and apply its paste on your skin.

And just like your skin, your scalp with also benefit from its properties, making your hair shinier and healthier. Use green tea everyday to have better skin and hair.

Reduces The Risk of Cancer

Last but not the least, the properties of green tea can reduce your risk of developing cancer. Polyphenols in green tea can kill cancerous cells and regulates their growth. A study has shown that people who drink tea everyday had better 5-year survival chances than those who didn’t. You can prevent the risk of developing bladder, breast, ovarian, colorectal, oesophagal, lung, pancreatic, prostate, skin and stomach cancer with the regular intake of green tea.


By drinking green tea every day, you can obtain a healthier lifestyle. Be it losing weight by burning 70-100 calories by drinking a cup of green tea or boosting your immune system, green tea can have thousands of benefits. Switch to green tea today and build a better lifestyle.


Can I drink green tea every day?

Yes, it is safe and healthy to drink green tea every day.

Can I have better skin with green tea?

The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of green tea can help you in having healthier skin.

How much calories can I lose by drinking one cup of green tea?

You can lose from 70 to 100 calories by drinking a cup of green tea.

Will green tea help my metabolism?

The nutritional components of green tea can boost your metabolism.

Is green tea better or black tea?

Both green tea and black tea have their unique components that can benefit you.

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